Happy Easter!

Happy Easter, y’all! Hope you had an amazing time with family and friends – I know we did! Have you ever had one of those days that were just MEANT to be – Like a day that fate meant for you to have? That was our day on Saturday! It began with me looking around for a free photo with the Easter bunny – I didn’t wanna go anywhere super hectic so I looked EVERYWHERE I could think of to see if a mini-session was going on somewhere and was lucky enough to find a nearby bank that was doing one from 9-11:30. So Hudson and I rushed over there at 9 thinking there may be a line and it was EMPTY. We were the only ones there and ran around and played until they opened where we were pleasantly greeted and took a few adorable photos. That set the mood for the rest of the day – Luckily I had off work so I insisted we did something Easter-y since we had Marret!



I looked EVERYWHERE, because I knew so many places had large events going on and I really don’t enjoy being in large groups (Especially with a grumpy toddler) So I went onto a Facebook group for local Moms and found a really small event posted by the Kennedy Home Group benefitting Child Cleft Lip/Cleft Palate awareness by Uplift Internationale and Face to Face Colorado. It said there were only 14 people who confirmed to going so I thought it would be perfect for our family (Fairly nearby and small!) This was their first Easter event!


When we got there it was super small and intimate and everyone was SO friendly! The craziest thing.. We ran into someone my Husband knew from an old job 3 years ago and she was a part of the Face to Face organization! Such a small world!!

We enjoyed drinks, food, an Easter egg hunt, a really cool juggler and SO much more! This place had it all and they ONLY asked for donations.. Which we obviously did, because it’s SUCH a good cause! AND… We won a $50 gift card to Boulder Chophouse – So we enjoyed some amazing dinner that night as well.. ALL of this because of one decision to come to this specific event! Life works in mysterious ways!

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At the end of this event I was approached by the woman my Husband knew and another Face to Face volunteer and they asked me to be a part of their Board of Directors to help this amazing organization. What they do is so inspiring and I felt SO touched that I made an impression that made them feel I’d be a good addition to the cause! I, of course, accepted and will be applying this week!

We were all EXHAUSTED when the day was done. I felt so accomplished and my kids were worn out (Another accomplishment ;)) We already had so much and we had another HUGE day planned for Easter with my Mother for our yearly tradition of Grandma B spoils!

I woke up to eager little ones hunting for their baskets.. “He” left little hints with candy that lead to their baskets and it was still tricky for them to find them! After rummaging through their baskets they relaxed until Grandma B came – When she got here we made all the littles play outside and decorate the clubhouse til we had all of the Mickey Mouse themed goodies set up!


The clubhouse looked amazing and the table looked even BETTER! (Hudson LOVES Mickey Mouse) They had macaroons, pizza, fruit in the shape of Mickey pants, drinks, cupcakes with Oreo Mickey ears and so much more!

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After food and treats we had a HUGE Easter egg hunt! The kids had a blast and it was Hudson’s first time hunting! He loved it and found all of his! (We laid them out for easy finding ;)) It was also exhausting.. Getting sun blasted alllll day. (It was a really long Easter egg hunt :p)

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We ended the day with crafts (More goodies) and photos!

Love this tradition with our family and we’ll now make the day before at the Cleft Palate event a tradition as well. It makes for such an accomplished and heart-warming weekend when you do things for others in need and spend time with the ones you love most. Hope you all had an amazing Easter – I know we did!


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