Greeting Card Universe

I LOVE convenience. Especially as a Mother, being able to cut one of my errands from my long list of stuff to do in a day is a huge help (Especially with a teething 1 year old). So I was elated to hear there was a super easy way to get greeting cards (Which is OBVIOUSLY a thing, but not something I had ever considered as I was always running to Target last minute to grab a Birthday or Anniversary card)

But not this year! I discovered Greeting Card Universe, which is an amazing way to get the cards you want for the SAME price and you can even personalize them! I was able to put a photo of my Husband and I from our wedding last year into our Anniversary card and personalize it exactly how I wanted it. They were already so unique and cute (Not like the typical boring cards you may find but actual artist made cards!)

(I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own)


The website was incredibly easy to use and the cards were easy to personalize.

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 9.24.17 PM.png

Now I am already set on all of my cards for the next few months and it feels GREAT to have already accomplished something.. Especially something so awesome because these cards are BEAUTIFUL. They aren’t card quality but actual photo quality – So, for the same price I was able to get higher end cards that I put way more thought and love into. (Less actually, some cards are now up to $5 in store.. WHAT?!)

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Try them out – You will NOT be disappointed! ❥

Greeting Card Universe

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