Museum Trip

Yesterday, since I had the day off we took an impromptu trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. If you’ve never been and ever find yourself in Colorado GO, it’s right by downtown Denver. It is AMAZING. They have so many areas designated for children – Play areas, learning areas, etc. etc.20170121_153058.jpg

Now that Hudson is walking and running ALL he wants to do is be free.. Which can be pretty exhausting haha! But he was having such a wonderful time looking at all of the animals and doing his own thing!


The kiddos LOVED the animal area (Especially the baby animals) and there were even games for them to play (Literally every exhibit has something for the kids to enjoy and learn)

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Unfortunately we had to make this a shorter trip than we were wanting because it was busier than I had EVER seen it and that wouldn’t work with Mr. Independent.. But we made sure to check out the hidden American Indian area and it was by far the kid’s favorite. There were dolls, huts they could go in, music they could dance to and really tall totem poles that blew their minds!


Even though this was a quick trip it’s little things like this that are so necessary for children. It shows them how Mom (and Step-Mom) and Dad like being out and active; Not just sitting in front of a TV or computer screen. Humans aren’t meant to be sedentary – They are meant to be lively and we must inspire our children to be the same!

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