Good Buy Gear

Ever have such an amazing experience with a company that you want to tell the world about them? That’s what this post is about. For parents living in Colorado, you’ve GOT TO TRY Good Buy Gear! They’ve got some AMAZING products with a unique twist. They’re an online infant/toddlers/children’s consignment shop that picks up the items and delivers!!

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I had things PILLING up in my garage from the kid’s past bedroom decor, to toys, books and more. I wasn’t having luck on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace and honestly felt uncomfortable meeting people whenever doing a sell without my Husband home – So decided to try something new. I had heard of Good Buy Gear from another Mom and decided to check it out.

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They’ve got some AMAZING products at such incredible prices!! I was able to get quite a few gifts for the kids for Christmas but most importantly.. I was able to make some room in our garage! I scheduled a pick-up appointment time to come grab my items and they made it SO easy for me! They did the research for descriptions, they clean up the items if needed AND find a great price to sell it at that people would find appealing (They run the prices/posts by you first before posting them!)

Their Huge Warehouse in Arvada!

This is exactly what adapting to the future looks like! Making a consignment store online with the convenience of delivery/pick up is SO perfect for people who would be using this website – Parents with Busy Schedules!

Try it out!! There’s SO many amazing gifts for your kids AND a $10 gift code (TRYGOODBUY)

I just spent $42 on some amazing gifts!!! 😀 Can’t wait! ❥

Happy Earth Day!

In honor of Earth Day on April 22nd I have a few amazing products to introduce you all to that are either eco-friendly, environmentally conscious, all natural, non-toxic or just overall beneficial for our beautiful planet! I discussed these products on KOAA 5 News in Pueblo! View it here!

HYDAWAY Bottle Retail Price $15-$20

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This amazing bottle is SO convenient – Not like, plastic bottle convenient that LEACHES chemicals into your water when sitting too long or getting too warm. Why? Because it’s BPA Free/FDA Certified Safe! It’s scary to think that Americans use about 50 billion plastic bottles last year and discard enough plastic in general to circle the Earth FOUR. TIMES. How awful is that?? That’s what makes this bottle so wonderful. It’s 100% Earth approved when it comes to being environmentally conscious.

And the convenience goes even further – It can be completely collapsed to an inch in height to fit into a pocket, a purse, a backpack, almost ANYWHERE. It’s made of foldable, food-grade silicone and plastic and is even dishwasher safe!! I love my bottle and it’s been a lifesaver on those hot days on the hiking trail!

remodeez – Retail Price $10

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These fantastic odor eaters have been a new MUST in our family. We have two children and that means lots of different smells – Dirty diapers, stinky shoes, food getting left in the car and smelly clothes You know how that goes! These do such a wonderful job of removing odors with the added bonus of being NON-Toxic (Because my son likes to try and put everything in his mouth).

Instead of using harmful aerosols and air fresheners (For my children and the environment) that don’t even take care of the odor itself, but only mask them, why wouldn’t you chose something so budget friendly that uses natural means to neutralize odors. They use activated charcoal that is derived from coconut husks. How brilliant?!

They have 4 different sizes – Footwear, home, travel and auto.

Tubshroom – Retail Price $13


If you’ve got long hair you KNOW the struggle – Your hair falls out in the shower (How do I not have any bald spots with how much I lose EVERYDAY?) and clogs the whole drain leaving you with a little pool to swim around in after you shower :p Not anymore!! I saw the Tubshroom for so long before I actually got it and I really regret waiting so long. It’s SO amazing – It’s works so well and no more clogs (Or complaints from the Husband.. haha!)

Its eco-friendliness comes from how it completely cuts out the need for harmful chemicals and it’s BPA free! So even though it’s in the same tub my son bathes in, the warm water wont cause it to leach harmful chemicals.

It comes in a tub, sink and shower variety and fits all standard drains.

CarbonKlean Retail Price $10-$17

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.39.44 PM.png

I work from home part-time, blog part-time and am also a full-time stay at home Mom so I’m constantly on my computer and have to wear my glasses to do so. For the longest time I used Windex to clean my computer screen (I know, dumb..) because I thought it would give me a good clean and it had so many fingerprints from my son that I thought it would disinfect it.

To begin, terrible idea of mine to use those harmful cleaners. It was dangerous to my son, my computer and, of course, the environment! I heard amazing things about CarbonKlean like:

“The safest and most tested lens cleaning technology in the world. In fact, our technology is literally out of this world being the only cleaners on the Space Station used for lens cleaning by NASA.”

What?! Why wouldn’t I want to use something like that? If NASA uses them, they MUST be good! Their eco-friendly products are meant for cleaning lenses and screens. Their technology is based on the cleaning power of the natural element, Carbon that removes facial oil, fingerprints, smudges, dust and bacteria!

I use it for my phone, my Mac and my glasses – It’s like nothing I’ve ever used before!

GrowOya Retail Price $25-$40

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 10.23.55 PM.png

I. Love. This. Product!! The GrowOya (Ollas) is an amazing terra cotta pot based on the ancient localized plant irrigation system that was used over a 1,000 years ago. This ADORABLE pot saves so much water as 50% of water used for planting either evaporates or just runoff. These amazing pots save up to 70% of water!!

You simply dig it into your soil with just the spout sticking out, fill it with water and let it do it’s thing! It’s so porous that it slowly seeps out water and roots naturally gravitate to it! You only have to add water every few days (Or until you no longer see water in it) and it gives your plants the perfect amount of water!

The Small Oya was designed for patio or porch pots and planters–small growing spaces of up to 2 feet long and/or wide. But it’s a pretty versatile size and can be planted in any garden space with 6 inches of soil or more.

The Medium Oya is great for planter boxes, small raised beds and larger containers. A solid option for any garden looking to water up to 3 feet. A 6’ x 3’ foot raised bed is perfect with 2 medium Oyas.

Finally, the Large Oya was designed for larger-scale intensive growing. High output, urban farmers, community gardens or the raised bed farming family. It’s our solution to watering bigger. A nice big 8’ x 4’ garden bed is perfect for two larges.

This is the ultimate eco-friendly item and I highly recommend it to anyone before they start their gardens as this’ll save water, time and your plants!

Happy Earth Day Everyone!

Being Thrifty

My family and I are incredibly thrifty – Doesn’t matter whether we’ve got a ton of money or not, we really love saving money and getting good deals! It just doesn’t make sense to spend a ton of money on something you can get barely used for cheap OR free.

**I am totally listening to Macklemore’s Thrift Shop right now**

It took awhile for me to realize what a good resource Craigslist was, but once I started finding tons of deals I was HOOKED. I just wanted to brag about our newest find to show how AWESOME it is to be thrifty!!

My husband came home one day with a completely disassembled hammock stand that he had picked up for FREE on Craigslist. It looked like it was missing pieces and I wasn’t too interested. But after putting it all together it was HUGE and looked awesome!! Found out it was from Ikea and retails for $70!! It looked nearly brand new!


I started getting pretty excited after that so we looked on the Ikea website and found the matching hammock to go with it for only $40! So instead of paying $110 for a really nice hammock and stand we only paid $40 and now have an amazing piece for our backyard for relaxing and tanning 😉


I know there’s a stigma about buying used but it’s so much cheaper and just as good as going out and paying full price, as many of the items being sold ARE being sold because they’re in good condition still (Obviously there are SOME exceptions to what you’d buy used but you get the point 😉 )

So if you don’t already I highly recommend looking into a different way of shopping! It’s really exciting and rewarding when you grab some amazing deals! ❥

Be Thrifty! Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!