My name is Karaliz – I am a 27 year old mother living in Colorado with my beautiful 3 year old son, Hudson Grey and my newborn twins Oak and Bäer. I’ve also got two amazing step-kids aged 8 and 14. I am a lifestyle blogger. I’m a jack-of-all-trades writer and don’t really have a specific niche 🙂

I write about health as I do believe wholeheartedly in living an active lifestyle and eating a Paleolithic diet, not because I like how I look but because obesity is rampant in our country and I refuse to be a role model to my children that teaches them to accept a sedentary lifestyle. Humans are meant to be active and eat whole, unprocessed foods and that is what I am instilling in them.

I blog about my family as they’re my whole world, I love posting about the activities we do and the fun we have; As at such a young age they need to be out and experience so many different things in our world to really help them develop.

And I love to talk about local places that are fun for families, kids and/or adults!