Simply Natural Babies

I constantly struggle with going out to restaurants with my son – I am a little bit of a germaphobe.. And Hudson ALWAYS wants to play with his plates and throws the napkins off the table when I try to use that to set his food on them.. So I was struggling to find a way to keep his food from off the direct table while also allowing him to eat food on his own.



Then I found Simply Natural Babies disposable placemats!! They’re amazing! They have adhesive edges on the bottom so babies cannot pull or rip them off the tables – My Husband and I used them today for lunch at Red Robin and it worked amazing!! Hudson tried drawing on them, spilled milk on them and laid his food all over it – Good thing they’re so big! They covered the whole area he used and I didn’t feel grossed out at all 😉 Thank goodness!


They’re a wonderful price on Amazon and WELL worth it! Even if you don’t go out often they’re wonderful for restaurants, home, and pretty much anywhere! Try them out!


(I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own)

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