Bacon Wrapped Dates – Blooming Beets

Ever since our anniversary trip to Blooming Beets, we’ve been really craving their incredible bacon wrapped dates.. Well, lucky for us they just released a video recipe for them! And it’s WAY easier than you’d think!!

Their presentation was beautiful!

We tried it ourselves and it was AMAZING. Start by preheating your oven to 350*. Now grab all of the ingredients you’ll need: Dates (Pitted), cashews, avocado oil, bacon and toothpicks!

Add the cashews into a processor or blender, add avocado oil and blend until smooth! (May need to continue to add avocado oil til desired texture.)


Next, add cashew butter mixture into halved dates! The more the merrier 😉


Slice your bacon in half and begin to wrap your dates in one slice, secure with a toothpick and place on sprayed pan!


Now place in heated oven til bacon is crispy!


We took out after around 20 minutes and it was not QUITE as crispy as we like so we threw it in for another 10 and it came out AMAZING!


Try it for yourself -I have a really huge sweet tooth and these are TOTALLY sweet tooth destroyers AND they’re incredibly healthy!


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