Blooming Beets

Paleo eaters understand how difficult it can be to find good paleo ingredient foods at stores alone, so when I heard there was an actual restaurant nearby that was almost completely paleo friendly we were SO excited. It’s so frustrating when we want to go out and enjoy a nice date night at a restaurant but have to be incredibly choosey and limited because there aren’t many healthy options out there.


After looking at their menus online it was obvious we could choose almost ANYTHING and we felt like kids in a candy store. So we decided that we would try it out for our anniversary dinner! We walked in and were immediately greeted by their very friendly staff and gorgeous decor! It was very rustic and modern; With lodge-esque wood decor along with metal pipe accents. Definitely made for a very comfortable but upscale atmosphere.


We were seated and waited on by Kim, she was amazing! She was so genuinely sweet, helpful, and knowledgable. After being handed our menus and showing interest in the Ciders she said it was locally made and had really great ingredients – This definitely interested us! Locally made ciders? How unique! And MAN they did not disappoint.. They were AMAZING. We’re going to have to find them in store now, because we’ve been craving more of them all day -_-


We were having a great time chatting and raving about the ciders, but definitely started working up an appetite. After looking at a few reviews online and advice from Kim we heard their bacon wrapped dates were incredible so we HAD to try them.. I am not kidding when I tell you I’ve never craved anything more than these, they were the most DELICIOUS things I’ve ever eaten in my entire life. They were cashew butter STUFFED dates wrapped in bacon and it came with three different (And equally amazing) dipping sauces made into beautiful designs! I am salivating just thinking about them – I NEED more.


It came with four and I could’ve eaten SO many more.. But it was time for the entrees and we were so excited to get to try their grain free fettuccini noodles since paleo doesn’t allow it (Since it’s usually made out of grains) and we usually only have zucchini noodles, which is good but not the same. Kim told us these noodles were completely almond based so we both HAD to try some, especially because the meat in the pasta was made from elk, bison, venison and boar!



I don’t know HOW they made almond based noodles but we’re going to have to figure it out. It was so incredibly delicious! It tasted JUST like normal noodles (Probably even better) and had the same texture! The meat and sauce were delicious, light and had perfect flavor. It was so filling but I couldn’t stop.. I ate more than my Husband, it was just so good it was worth hurting over 😉


We were stuffed and ready to try some dessert but we were talking about how much we loved the cashew butter from the wrapped dates and Kim was so sweet she brought us one of their popular cashew waffles to try! It came with their maple syrup and caramel sauce to pour on top. It was sooo good! Even Hudson enjoyed it!!


We were so excited to get to try their amazing raved about Lava Cake… Completely paleo and completely delicious!! It was a molten chocolate lava cake topped with coconut ice cream, almond infused caramel and pecans… It was the perfect way to end our extraordinary anniversary meal. We were so full we ate as much as we could and Hudson insisted on the rest 😉


This was seriously one of the nicest restaurants we’ve ever been to. Having the ability to choose anything off the menu we want, the service being exceptional, feeling so full YET light afterward and opening our eyes to the different paleo meals we can make at home ourselves! (Heading to the store soon to grab some cashews so we can try our hand at some cashew butter!) Blooming Beets is officially part of our Anniversary tradition moving forward and we cannot wait to get back in here as often as we can. Thank you Blooming Beets for such an amazing experience and meal!

They currently have locations in Boulder, CO, Chandler, AZ and will be opening their Denver, CO location in Spring 2017! Try them out for yourself, you will NOT be disappointed!

(I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own)

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