Who Wants A Tire Swing?

I have always loved the picturesque tire swing in front of the house look but never really thought about it being a possibility for us because I always had it in my head that it was expensive! Absolutely not true. This was probably one of the cheapest kid-entertainment pieces we’ve ever done!


We started with an awesome tire swing strap we found on Amazon for an amazing price Rhino Products Tree Swing Kit! It holds up to 2800 lbs and is really convenient as we don’t have to screw into our beautiful tree, just a simple loop holds it securely and tight!

Once ordered we realized we didn’t even have a tire yet! We started researching where the best place to start was and found that using a used tire may be dangerous because of the chemicals and residue from driving. However, if properly cleaned and spray painted / sealed one could definitely be used.

So we looked around and heard that Discount Tire has to pay a fee for recycling old tires so they’ll GLADLY give them away for free to anyone who wants to take them off their hands! We were so excited about this – So hopped over to our nearest location and they opened up their bin and let us have our pick (Will have to remember this for crafts 😉 ).

And after finding the PERFECT sized tire we ran over to our local Ace Hardware (Love that place so much!) and got two cans of glossy black paint and one can of sealant!

We got home, DEEP cleaned the tire and proceeded to spray it inside and out (We did a ton of coats just to make sure it was 100% safe). Then, it was READY!

Screen Shot 2017-02-21 at 8.44.04 AM.png

We had our friend Yaya over for a sleepover the night before so the kids were ECSTATIC that the tire swing was finally ready! They played on it for hours! It was sturdy, beautiful, picturesque, and so much fun!! And after only around $30 we were able to give the kiddos a fun, new outdoor activity. (We even enjoyed swinging on it ourselves 😉 )

So thank you, Rhino Products, for such an affordable and safe product that allowed us to get our kids an awesome new activity that entices them to be outside more!

(I was compensated for this post, all opinions are my own)

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