Texas Vacation

It’s been a long time coming – I went to Texas to spend some much needed time with my Dad and I was SUPPOSED to write about it much sooner than this but it’s been a crazy week 😉 Oh well.. Here is it!

My Dad is from Fort Worth but had a conference in Austin so I flew down there to spend the weekend with him! Once I got there I of COURSE had to partake in some In N Out Burger 😉 20170211_115539.jpg

I love all things History (My Dad used to be a History teacher) so we hit a few Texas antique barns but came up empty handed.. HOW?! When I could’ve literally spent HOURS there!! Oh well.. But shopping made us incredibly hungry so we hit up a very popular barbeque joint called Salt Lick in Round Rock and it was delicious! SO amazing. They had people right lined up out the door – And once you walked in there were guys cooking and cutting up the meat right in front of you! It was TOO cool.. Sucks there aren’t very many places in Colorado like that.

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We were so stuffed we could barely move after, so we headed back to our beautiful hotel called the Habitat Suites (That was actually an old apartment complex converted into luxurious 2 bedroom suites!)


The next day was supposed to be really nice so we decided to make it an outdoor day! We started our day with a trip to the Natural Bridge Caverns (I LOVE wet caverns, they’re so fascinating and beautiful!) and it did not disappoint, the pictures will prove that!

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After such a beautiful trip down this amazing cavern we headed down to San Antonio to see the Alamo and visit the Spanish missions (Again, we’re pretty big into history!) Out of our entire trip THIS was my favorite place to be. San Antonio is GORGEOUS. It has a Texas / Louisiana French Quarter feel to it.


The Alamo was beautiful, it’s grounds were gorgeous (Didn’t expect it to be in the middle of downtown, though! haha) We got a lot of lovely photos and a cute Texas ABC’s for Hudson here.

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We got really hungry (Especially with the extreme heat) so headed down to the riverwalk.. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I STILL cannot get this place out of my head. It was absolutely gorgeous. STUNNING. Just a very, very unique place. Nothing I’ve ever seen before.


We ate at a wonderful Mexican restaurant right on the river and enjoyed our time together! We even saw a hilarious Power Ranger hahaha XD

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Next we went to see all of the Spanish Missions. I feel terrible that I have NEVER heard of these and didn’t know what they were when my Dad mentioned them but once I saw them I knew it was something I would never forget.

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The history was fascinating and the buildings were GORGEOUS. I HIGHLY recommend you checking out ALL of them if you’re ever in San Antonio.

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We ended our day after an exhausting but amazing time sight seeing and headed back to Austin to relax at our Habitat Suite and dine on some leftover Salt Lick! I flew out the next day so we wanted to make the most of our morning. We started with the one thing that has terrified me for many years, ACTUAL shooting.. And I shouldn’t be because apparently I am an AMAZING shot lol 😛


We planned to only stay for 30 minutes but ended up staying for over an hour because I very quickly became addicted! (I know, the way I hold the gun is weird.. I refused to hold it any differently because it felt too loose 😛 )


After going through almost 150 bullets we stopped and headed out to lunch. Dad said he had a really unique Cuban place in mind which peaked my interest because I had NEVER had Cuban food (Man was that a mistake missing out on so many years!) We ended up going to an amazing place called Habana, they had adorable cabanas, amazing service, unique food and it was hidden in a ton of palm trees! ❥

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I ordered a frozen mojito with a Cuban Sandwich on a Plantain bun and Yuca Fries.. Seriously one of the most unique and delicious meals I’ve ever had.


I miss Texas so much. Missing my Dad, the Southern feel, the palm trees, the unique food and just the atmosphere. I love living in Colorado but there’s nothing quite like Texas.

Travel as often as you can. Even seeing little things can change the way you look at the world.

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