Words of Wisdom Wednesday

Today – My words of wisdom wont be physical health related; All about mental health. I saw this today and it really turned my whole attitude around, hopefully it’ll someone else today too ❥


I am Grateful for..

  1. Early Wake-Ups = Children to Love
  2. House To Clean = Safe Place to Live
  3. Laundry = Clothes to Wear
  4. Dishes to Wash = Food to Eat
  5. Crumbs Under The Table = Family Meals ❥
  6. Grocery Shopping = $ To Provide for Us
  7. Toilets to Clean = Indoor Plumbing
  8. Lots of Noise = People In My Life
  9. Endless Questions About Homework = Kids’ Brains Growing
  10. Sore and Tired in Bed = I’m Still Alive! ❥

His first official selfie.. 😉

So today, Wednesday’s tip is to remind you to enjoy life and the little things. Be grateful for what you have. Make the most of today! ❥

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