Baby Subscription Boxes

Update: Since posting this review, Bluum’s amazing customer service has reached out and we will be working with them until April to see if this continues to be a good fit for us and if so, will continue to use them for our baby box! I will post another review in two months to update the situation. I am impressed by their willingness to reach out and rectify an issue. It is a company I’ve loved getting boxes from every month for me and my son. (1/31/2017)

Conclusion: Bluum box has been sending me boxes since this post and it’s been WONDERFUL. The quantities are correct, the products are fantastic and customer service has been stellar! Really appreciate all of the hard work they put in to remedy this issue and I am so thankful to be moving forward with them as Hudson gets SO excited to see their box come in the mail every month!

Has anyone tried these yet? They’re amazing boxes that are sent right to your home so you and your kiddos have new goodies to look forward to every month. They contain toys, clothes, stuffies, eating utensils, etc. etc. My mother had been sending us Bluum boxes for awhile now (To help her avoid going out and buying Hudson stuff ALL THE TIME.. Good Grandma..)


We really enjoyed the items we had received for Hudson and it was really nice they had items for Mama too! Each box was personalized for Hudson’s age with a little saying for every month.


And although we love everything we have gotten from them – They definitely had some downfalls. It was late 70% of the time, we didn’t receive all the specific items we picked almost every time, and sometimes we got LESS items than promised.

So we have now decided to end our subscription with Bluum and are on the hunt for a new kind of box, because we do LOVE the convenience and excitement that Hudson gets every time he sees his box of goodies come in!

If you have any suggestions please let me know as we’d love to try something new!


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