National Western Stock Show

It’s been pretty cold in Colorado – So my best friend and I decided to take Hudson to his first Stock Show! My Dad used to ride in the rodeo when he was younger and Hudson seems to have his spirit! Kept grabbing the lassos and spurs 😉


We dressed him up in his wrangler onesie and threw him in some jeans and BAM he looked like a genuine cowboy 😉 Got a LOT of compliments from the ladies and even got to talk to a few cowboys!

We played with tractors, in trailers and ran all around. He had a ball seeing the animals and made sure to talk to every shop owner! Highly recommend the Stock Show to anyone with little ones – It’s warm, fun and there are lots of stuff for them to do! Unfortunately, I only got two photos, good thing they’re super cute 😉

He was tired of Mommy taking photos..




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