Hudson’s My Gym

Hey y’all! Sorry it’s been awhile since I posted – Been pretty under the weather. But happy to be feeling 100% again! Was feeling so good today wanted to be active with my Hudson. So I scheduled a free class at My Gym to try it out – I was SO happy with it! Hudson got some socialization time, got to meet kids his age and got to play on all of their amazing equipment that was beneficial for learning!


We heard about this place on his favorite TV channel BabyFirstTV and was also approached by a man in a grocery store one time saying he used to own a My Gym in California and thinks Hudson would love one! That definitely sparked my interest and so happy we went!!


We played and played.. And learned to share play with others too.. 20170110_111245.jpg

There were skill building activities as well, such as beam walking and pull-ups (Weren’t his favorites..)

He learned to take some time away from Mommy (Still not 100% with that one.. Which I don’t mind 😉 ) Hahaha!

Lastly he learned to help clean up, which made me realize this was a great thing to start using at home as he actually enjoyed helping clean up! Seemed more like playing to him 😉


This was a really amazing experience. And they’re currently having a $17 Lifetime membership fee (Usually $60) as well as $17 off your first month’s classes (Which is normally $75 per 4 week billing) at their Arvada, CO location. Considering whether we’ll be taking advantage of this great deal as we had such an amazing time, the staff was great and it was amazing socialization time for Hudson.

Do you do anything similar to this for your children?


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