Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit

For Christmas Marret got an amazing Science kit from her Godfather. We did three different experiments today and they were SO FUN and we all learned a little something. These moments mean SO much to the kids and teaches them it’s possible to learn while enjoying themselves.


Our first experiment was Color Changing Grapes using grape juice, corn starch, baking soda and citric acid! She thought it was the most amazing thing EVER how a little dab of each would make an amazing color change!

After the color changing she was so excited she wanted to try another one.. MAGIC GOO.

Hudson wanted to join so badly.. :*

This one even surprised me. It was seriously like FLUBBER. You couldn’t tell if it was a liquid or a solid.. And it was only corn starch and water! Completely blew our minds! Was exciting that we got to learn along with her – Definitely added to the bonding 🙂 This is an experiment you can try right now with your kids!


We saved the best for last.. Color Changing Volcano! This experiment had way more ingredients but was worth it.. I was imagining a DIY awesome and huge volcano but it was actually just a mini adorable volcano you make with powders. Then after adding citric acid to it it bubbles and looks like a real life erupting volcano! She LOVED it. We did too.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The kids got a TON of toys for Christmas but so far this has been her favorite. She’s wanted to do a new experiment EVERYDAY. And she keeps saying “Scientists are smart. Science is fun.” Absolutely recommend this to anyone who has a little one who loves to learn new things.. It such great bonding time.

Scientific Explorer Mind Blowing Science Kit

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