Ringling Bros. Circus – Out of this World!

Not only was this experience “Out of this World”.. But that was also the theme!

This weekend my family and I went to the Ringling Bros. Circus in Denver to see their raved about “Out Of This World!” show. And it did NOT disappoint at all!


To start, I haven’t been to a circus since I was a little girl – And it was not a good experience.. I was terrified of clowns and there were TONS. It was in a tent so I felt claustrophobic and the people sitting behind us were not the friendliest. So when the opportunity came for me to take my family I had to give it another go – For my kids and myself.


It was at the Denver Coliseum which is fantastic- Never seen a bad show there and the parking is fantastic 😉 We get there and sit with my Mother and my sisters ( We’re such a large family we almost took up the whole ROW and that’s not even the half of us.. )


Marret really wanted some cotton candy so we bought a bag for her and my sisters to share ($15! A little outrageous but at least it came with a cute hat, I guess 😉 ) We were worried the noise would be a little much for Hudson so we bought him some ear muffs but he refused to use them and LOVED all of the sounds and lights!


The first act was incredible – With gravity defying space men and women performing nearly impossible balancing acts. Marret was AMAZED. Above them were incredible, beautiful acrobats in glass spheres that looked as if they were going to fall out any moment. It was all very amazing!


My mother bought everyone beautiful princess looking steins that had delicious sno-cones in them and Marret was SO happy and felt so proud to have her own!


They had great laughs for the kids as well as incredible tricks that impressed even adults. They also had an amazing story that really tied together well! Marret was a little scared by the evil Queen, but holding her close to me every time she came out seemed to do the trick! But she could NOT stop raving amount all of the adorable animals that came out in the middle of the show – All the little puppies doing tricks and huge pigs going down slides.. The kids went crazy!

They had bikes that lit up, horse riding, big cats show, basketball players on unicycles and more! (The big cat show was a little scary to be honest.. They didn’t look too happy with him) But it was an amazing show – At 2 hours long it was the perfect amount of time before the kiddos got bored and too tired. Everyone was incredibly friendly, the performers were ALL amazing, and the clowns were hilarious and NON-creepy 😉

This will forever change the way I look at circuses and I will definitely be bringing my children back EVERY year – Because this is an unforgettable experience for them and me to get to spend it with them.


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