Chatfield Farms Corn Maze

My family and I love Fall (And get in the spirit WAY too early) 😉 So we decided to visit a beautiful corn maze at our local Botanical Gardens this weekend! We packed up the car with a healthy picnic and headed down early to get there before everyone else.

As soon as we showed up we were pleasantly greeted by friendly staff then made our way to the Corn maze! It was BEAUTIFUL. I had no clue there was a Fall Festival in the botanical gardens but probably won’t go to another pumpkin patch/fall festival anywhere else again!


This location offered everything you could want in a Fall Festival – Good food and drinks, mazes, games, rides, kids areas and more! We started at the Mini Maze for kids.. It was perfect for my 5 year old step-daughter. She wanted to lead the way and told us “She knew already how to get out”. It was perfect for her age, it had a little bit of challenge for her. Hudson was also enjoying being outdoors and watching his sister stomp her way through the maze 🙂

It was getting really hot so we made our way to a more shaded area, there was so many beautiful things for us to stop and look at our way, we found a beautiful spot underneath a tree and had our delicious and healthy lunch.


Afterward we headed straight towards where all the action was at which happened to be the HUGE “pillow” Marret had heard about and was SO excited to jump on! She got her stamp for the pillow and RAN as fast as she could to go join the other kids having fun!


Some time had passed and Marret ran up to us, exhausted, ready for a break. We walked over to the next activity which happened to be the Barrel Train Rides! We ALL hopped in, Hudson sat in my lap, and had a BLAST! It was the longest barrel ride I had ever been on! It was almost 7 minutes long! I wasn’t sure how Hudson would enjoy it but he loved the bumps! He snuggled on Mom and looked around – Wanting to see everyone else’s excitement for the ride.

After getting dusty and dirty we finally made it out of there and Marret wanted a snowcone from a cute food truck called Kona Ice. She got Tigers Blood flavoring and it looked Delish! She scarfed it down and we made our way back to the shade. It was HOT.. For almost fall?! Oh, Colorado..

It got a little too warm for us to do much more in the sun so we went back to the spot we had our lunch and relaxed. We watched Hudson play in the grass and played Eye-Spy for 20 minutes. It was a great family moment.

We went ahead and decided to explore the rest of the Chatfield Farm’s grounds (Since it was shaded) It was BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t know they had old buildings brought back to life with luscious gardens and tons of livestock.

We walked up and petted the horses, pigs, goats and ponies. They were all so cute (The pig was a little grumpy, though) And got to look at all of the chickens (Marret thought she saw one laying an egg!). We walked along the path and looked at all of the houses on our way out. We were even surprised that we were able to walk into one of the houses! It was perfect for Marret to see the types of household items they had to use in the 1800’s.

We had a fun AND educational trip. It was the perfect family experience, especially before fall started so we can get even more into the spirit. We’ll definitely come to the Chatfield Farm Corn Maze every year from here on out – It was the perfect size and location for our young family.

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