Blended Fruit – Unhealthy?

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I like to answer health questions on Quora to assist people struggling with what is healthy to eat! I am one of the top 10 viewed Healthy Breakfast bloggers on there! Makes me feel so good knowing I’ve reached out to more than 4,000 people! 🙂

I have yet to have someone comment on one of my posts but today I did and I was so happy they did! Not only did it show that I am reaching people but it also questioned my methods! I enjoy criticism when it makes me more knowledgable in nutrition!

This was the question I was asked:

I am no nutritionist. I like the bowl and I can see how nice the ingredients are. I like this too. However, the lingering question in my mind about smoothies are whether there are any concerns about the possibility that fine blending might have destroyed a lot of nutritional value and also made the sugar content more detrimental to the body?

I was so intrigued by this question and had to do some research immediately! After looking at a credible website I replied:

[NAME OMITTED], thank you for your comment. What you said interested me so I did some research just to make sure for myself! After looking it up I found an article from LIVESTRONG.COM::

“Blending fruits does not significantly change their nutritional value unless you store the blended drink for an extended period. According to Fruit and Veggies More Matters, blending fruits primarily changes their texture and appearance, making them spoonable or drinkable, and does not cause them to lose any nutrients. However, limiting the storage time of your blended fruits will help preserve their nutrients, as longer storage times leads to nutrient degradation”

Again, thank you for your comment as this allowed me to learn something new. But I instantly eat my smoothie once I blend it and don’t overblend it (When overheated by over-blending it can potentially destroy some nutrients, but as you can see from my smoothie bowl I do like to keep it a little chunky so I don’t do it for very long 🙂 )

Link to article if interested:: Does Fruit Lose Its Nutritional Value When It’s Blended?

I did enjoy learning this new piece of information and hopefully I answered this question in a way that this person found appropriate and now begins to find smoothies enjoyable AND doable. Because they are so quick and easy to make and indeed DO NOT leach the nutrients during the blending process 🙂


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