“You Have Too Many Healthy Foods in There!”

Yesterday was a relaxing day at home with my son:) I started my day off with a great WayofGray workout which kicked my butt as usual! But it really left me feeling energized for the rest of the day! Afterward I started drinking some infused water and hung out with Hudson:)

During his few naps I cleaned, showered and did some food prep! We had a few ground beef packages in the fridge that I didn’t want to go bad so I cooked up two separate dishes that we could eat throughout the week! First, I made a delicious Mexican Breakfast Casserole. It was ground beef with mixed peppers, topped with healthy salsa (Contained only vegetables) and eggs cracked on top! Threw that in the oven at 350* for about 20 minutes and it was delicious!


After that I made some delicious Asian meatballs! They were seasoned ground beef (Mainly ginger) that I rolled into balls and topped with agave glaze. Again cooked that at 350* but around 25 minutes! Very good! I don’t eat red meat very much anymore as I like how I feel after white meat much more but my Husband loves it! And it makes for an easy and quick meal for him during his lunches.


Hudson and I continued to have a relaxing day until Daddy came home, playing inside and outside (while Mommy tanned), dancing, etc. Once Daddy came home I gave Hudson his bath, fed him, sang to him and then put him to bed. I then quickly got ready and headed out to Sprouts since it was Double Coupon Wednesday and they were having awesome deals!

As soon as I walked into Sprouts I saw how picked over it was since I had come so late but there was still some great food available. After filling the cart with tons of fruits and veggies I made my way to the meat. As I was perusing the chicken a man about my age came over to me and jokingly said, “You have way too many healthy foods in there, you need to go grab some cookies or something!” I thought it was very funny that a guy my age was telling me that but also felt proud, as not many people my age eat as healthy as I do. It made me feel very proud of my lifestyle and hoped that maybe it made that guy rethink about his choices in food! (He was in the frozen food section).

I went to checkout and had only spent $38 for ALL of my groceries! It was so cheap and now we have great food choices for quite awhile! I love my healthy lifestyle and am so proud of it!


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