Pizza Night

Tonight my Husband and I changed our mind about the pancakes because we were really craving some pizza. We thought about it.. Unhealthy pizza or run to the store and see if they have any ACTUALLY healthy pizza crust mixes.

I decided I would run to Natural Grocers and see if they have anything with very little ingredients. After perusing the isles for 20 minutes I finally found a little brand called Chēbē and the ingredients were AMAZING! Only tapioca flour, manioc starch, iodine-free sea salt, oregano, onion and garlic. Very paleo! And only for $3.45!! So I grabbed 3! 

I ran and grabbed some healthy uncured pepperoni, vegetable stocked marinara and some Greek peperoncinis! I ran home, put Hudson to bed after Brent gave him a bath and started up those pizzas!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.29.39 PM.png


We have a really great pizza stone, so we cranked the oven on to 450* and threw the stone in to heat up with the oven (Makes the crust so much crunchier when you do that!) I kneaded and flattened out the dough and placed it on the stone for 7 minutes. It looked amazing and smelled SO good!



After the 7 minutes, we took it out. It obviously doesn’t look like the flat, fluffy pizza you usually get from Little Caesars pizza but man it is still DELICIOUS! It was crunchy and soft at the same time (Paleo doesn’t allow cheese, but honestly it doesn’t even need it! It’s so soft that it gives it that gooey texture cheese gives!)

We spooned on the marinara, added our peperoncinis and placed our pepperonis on top. We put it back in the oven and let it bake for another 7 minutes. It smelled DIVINE! After the time was up we let it sit and congeal(Which was SO hard because we wanted it so bad!)

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 9.29.42 PM.png


Finally the time came for us to eat and we were so excited! It was sooooo good! And honestly, for the same price as an unhealthy pizza and just as filling! But it doesn’t leave you with a crummy, bloated feeling – You actually feel just as light as you did prior to feasting!😉

And as a nice and light dessert I made some chocolate covered bananas! Recipe is in the recipes tab:) They were incredible!



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