Health Questions

These are a few questions regarding health/wellness that I have answered lately and wanted to share them with you all as well! Email me if there are any additional questions you have for me! Contact info is here.


Is Whole Food’s Hot Bar Healthy?

It is really hard to tell as there are different menus for different locations – But it seems as though SOME of the items are healthy and some aren’t. I see some really good ones such as Steamed Vegetables and Fire Roasted Eggplant but then I see Mac n Cheese and Crème Brulee French Toast.

Although it is convenient, looking at the majority of the menu I would say no it isn’t all healthy. There is a lot of food packed full of unhealthy cheeses and some that are questionable. I always ask what is in the actual food when I decide to eat at a place like that – So I would start with that if you are really wanting to get a quick meal!

What is the best diet to lose weight?

The best “diet” to lose weight wouldn’t so much be a diet but more of a lifestyle. Changing your eating habits to eating WHOLE foods such as fruits, vegetables and meats makes an incredible change for your body. Both physically and mentally.

What are some alternatives to drinking coffee/tea in the morning?

Warm lemon water! The warm water helps with digestion and detoxify your liver. The lemon tastes good and gives your body some needed alkaline. There is a lot of different benefits to warm lemon water! Do some research on it and you’ll see all the wonderful benefits!

Should I work out before breakfast?

I find it better to workout before breakfast as I don’t have a ton of food/water sloshing around in my stomach and it really sets up the rest of my day by providing me tons of energy! After my workout I always love having a smoothie bowl as a post-workout meal!

Can we have dark chocolates in paleo?

Cacao is a paleo friendly chocolate that is really healthy for you because it is naturally derived from the cacao plant and because it isn’t exposed to high heat during processing like cocoa is so it keeps its vitamins, nutrients and enzymes.

However, it is really bitter! So it helps to maybe get a bar that is 80% raw cacao – It is so healthy and incredibly delicious! All about moderation though, we keep a whole bar here and eat pieces throughout the week for dessert! You can buy it at any Sprouts or Natural Grocers.

I answer these questions on Quora.

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