Active Weekday

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.57.03 AM.pngYesterday was a wonderful day. As usual, Hudson woke me up around 6:20AM to eat and then play. (I breastfeed, which honestly really did help with the initial weight loss postpartum and which is why eating healthy is so important to me – Your child is getting whatever you are putting in your body.) So I had some warm lemon water, 2 hard-boiled eggs and a banana to start my day and played with Hudson for awhile. (I made myself 2 eggs but cooked up 8 of them, planning ahead is really beneficial to healthy eating as it gives you a quick and easy option for later cravings – Helping to avoid unhealthy temptations! )


After looking outside I realized it was far too beautiful not to enjoy! Hudson went into his chair and sat in the shade, playing, while Mommy basked in the sun and got a little color😉 After about 20 minuets we went back inside and I did a quick 10 minute workout. (WayofGray’s workouts are 4 times a week and I like to supplement with my own Tabata workouts on my “rest” days :)) Afterward, I had a post-workout smoothie. My own recipe of Nutty Bahama! It was incredible and I was sad when it was empty..

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.57.06 AM.png

After awhile, Hudson fell asleep for his longest stretch of nap and I took the opportunity to play some XBOX. I am a video game design student, have wanted to be one since I was a little girl, and it started to make me think; Fitness and video games don’t always go hand-in-hand as video games are usually associated with being a “coach potato”. I realized, however, that I am active, I work out, and I eat well and it’s really all about moderation. If you are ALWAYS playing video games without taking care of yourself then that obviously becomes an issue and that is why it works so well for me.

Eventually Hudson woke up and I packed us up, put Hudson in the stroller and went for a beautiful hour long walk! We live on a green belt, so I took a trail along the green belt that took us straight to a beautiful lake! There were so many people out biking, jogging, walking, etc. and it was so nice to see. I love when people get out and get active!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.57.17 AM.png

Once we got home my Husband had just gotten home from work and was doing his workout so I figured it would be a good idea to go to the store to pick up some lavender! Brent had found a delicious paleo recipe for Lemon Lavender Pancakes and we were dying to try it! So I went to Natural Grocers (love that place) and found a big bag of it for only $5.49! Grabbed the lavender, some groceries and headed back home. I had to rush because I was picking up an old best friend from the airport so we weren’t able to make our pancakes (We are going to tonight, I’ll post the results tonight!) But I made some salmon and sprinkled some lavender on it and it was DELICIOUS! It can be pretty overpowering though, so definitely need to be careful but it was so unexpectedly flavorful! I highly recommend it!

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 8.57.23 AM.pngAfter eating I grabbed a bottle of water and started driving to the airport. Once I picked up my friend she was so sweet and said she had been reading my blog and had a few questions about eating healthy. She told me she was on a diet similar to Atkins and that she wasn’t able to eat FRUIT to cut out carbs! Obviously some things work well for some people but I thought it was so crazy not to be able to eat a whole, natural food! I explained to her the importance of whole foods and about my workout routine. That was the first time I actually was able to talk about healthy eating in person to that extent and it made me feel very good! I remember not knowing the difference between eating healthy and not (Eating cottage cheese and fruit thinking the weight would immediately start shedding off) But once you get it, you get it!! And it’s an amazing feeling.

This also made me start thinking – I will be posting meal plans to help people know what I eat on a daily basis so they can do it/adjust it to themselves and see if it works for them! Let me know if you tried it and how it worked for you!


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